Livecharity is a unique way for individuals to help their favorite NPO at no cost to them. After installing our FREE software, all ads on all websites you visit will be served from the Livecharity Ad Network displaying more personalized ads based upon your preferences. Half of the profit generated will go to the non-profit of your choice.

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Livecharity Software Features

Livecharity’s software is an advanced web plug-in working directly on your browser. Click below to learn more about Livecharity’s features.

The toolbar button lives at the top of your browser and allow you to access the information about the non profit you are helping and the software settings. Green means Livecharity is running. Gray means livecharity is not running.
You will see the Livecharity logo icon to the top right of your browser page (right of the address bar). You can click on the icon to personalize your user experience with Livecharity software. When you click on the icon, you will see a dropdown menu from which you can choose to click on to further your personalized experience.
Click the Livecharity logo icon on the navbar across the top of your browser page to review your Livecharity settings, report an issue, set ad preferences and personalize your user experience..
Under this tab, it will show you which NPO you’ve selected for Livecharity to support. You are helping. Half of the profit generated by the ads Livecharity loads on your computer will go to the NPO of your choice. You will also be able to see how much money has been earned so far for Livecharity to donate to your selected NPO.
Livecharity loads ads according to ads context but for better ads you can add your keywords of interest. This is where you can really personalize your experience by setting keywords, selecting your gender and age as well as making additional choices for your experience. .
This window will guide you through the steps required for the submission of a Livecharity issue report. First, please select the type of issue that you are experiencing on this page from the choices provided, then attach a screenshot of the issue you are reporting, enter comment and send the report. We appreciate your taking time to report issues to us.
You can adjust your settings in this area to disable the software on a particular site, on a particular page or disabling it completely for the time being. Please remember that when you disable the software, you will no longer be helping to raise funds for your selected NPO. You can go back in and re-set these preferences to enable the software to be in use again at any time.
To start, Livecharity is available using Chrome. Following launch, it will be available on Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari, so check back if your preferred browser is not currently one that Livecharity software is running on. We will be updating these over time to include as many browser options – online and mobile – as possible.

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